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In 2023, Patrick released his latest single ‘Anywhere’ and toured extensively throughout Europe

and the UK on a 38 show solo run across the summer months.

With an impressive catalogue of music spanning 6 EPs and 2 full-length records, Australia’s

Patrick James has firmly established himself as a prominent figure in the global music scene.

In 2022, Patrick released his latest album 'I'll Take Care Of Myself, If You Take Care Of Yourself,' a

stunning collection of tracks that showcase his exceptional songwriting abilities and his passion

for storytelling. The album was met with rave reviews, cementing Patrick's status as a gifted


– ATWOODMAGAZINE:‘PatrickJames has outdone himself with a record that shines as bold and

beautifully today as it did upon its initial release’.

That same year, Patrick embarked on an extensive solo tour of Australia, UK and Europe

captivating audiences across the globe and leaving them eager for more.

His success with his single 'Grateful' is a testament to his talent, with the song being named a

finalist in the Vanda & Young songwriting competition. The track has also achieved widespread

streaming and sync success, with a major teaser on channel 7 picking up the song and

showcasing his incredible abilities throughout the networks Olympics coverage.

In 2024, Fans can also look forward to new music from Patrick James throughout the year, as he

continues to push the boundaries of his art and explore new sounds with new material soon to be


With millions of streams on platforms such as Spotify and YouTube, Patrick's music has reached

audiences all over the world, making him a truly global artist. He has also had the opportunity to

tour with some of the biggest names in the Australian music scene, including Boy and Bear, Pete

Murray, Josh Pyke, The Paper Kites, and Dope Lemon, as well as countless headline tours

showcasing his unique sound to audiences both locally and internationally, featuring

performances at Londons Brixton academy and Albert hall in Manchester supporting folk

powerhouse Bears Den in 2017.

In 2022, Patrick had the incredible opportunity to perform with his childhood idols, The

Whitlams, at a one-off Sydney concert. This incredible experience was a testament to his hard

work and dedication over the years as an artist, and proof that his talent is recognised by some

of the most prominent figures in the industry.

Overall, Patrick James continues his journey as an evolving singer/songwriter and his incredible

body of work and impressive live performances continue to captivate audiences worldwide.

His latest single ‘Norway’ will be released on the 19th of March 2024, with more music to come.

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